MEGA POWER Solar - A Team of Solar Professionals

Mega Power Solar has been successful for over 16 years.  In today’s economy that can only happen when a company can offer outstanding service and customer satisfaction. Mega Power Solar distinguishes itself by doing 100% of all work “in house”. We alone are responsible for every project we do.  This allows us to maintain total top quality control. Proposals, engineering, plans, permitting, procuring parts, installation, and customer relations are all our own resulting in a smooth, seamless and successful project completion. We keep you informed on each step and progress of your project so that you are always aware of exactly what is going on and what to expect This is the real world and, yes, in rare instances things can go wrong. We believe in doing whatever it takes to solve any issue pleasantly – your positive referrals are our future.

Solar is a fast evolving technology rooted in the 1800’s.  In the last few years that growth and expansion of knowledge has accelerated tremendously requiring a constant vigilance and awareness to stay abreast of the latest innovations. Our adherence to research and monitoring current industry events enables us to offer our family of customers cutting edge technology that remains practical, long lasting and cost efficient.

We are standing by now to make it easy for you to put money back into your pocket without having to come up with any money. Quite frankly if we can’t do just that then we’ll advise you not to go Solar. Once in a while we do find a customer that is so concerned with helping the environment or so disenchanted with their power company that they decide to go solar even if it does cost a little more each month than what they are now paying.  We are happy to accommodate you and applaud your viewpoint but we want to stress that we strive to do both -save you money and help the earth

Please contact us so that we can help you pay yourself while helping green the earth. We invite any questions you might have. Remember electrical power company rates are only going to increase.