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Solar Battery Backup Installation in California

Equipping Your Home to Meet Unexpected Challenges

California is one of the nation’s leaders in solar power generation and usage. In fact, California often generates more solar power than residences and businesses in the state can use. This usually occurs during the spring and fall, when it’s sunny out, but the temperatures are mild, which leads to less reliance on air conditioning. There’s no reason for all the leftover energy solar power systems generate to go to waste. While we may not need the energy at that moment, there are plenty of other times when it would come in handy.

For instance, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about power outages or spikes in your utility bills? No longer would you have to fear losing power because of rolling blackouts or wonder if you should cut the A/C off during a heatwave because you might not be able to afford the power bill. While you may believe conveniences like that are just fantasies, they don’t have to be. They can be your reality if you install a home battery storage system.

Solar battery storage systems are the perfect place to store excess energy, like the kind solar power systems generate. This is because home batteries provide a wide variety of benefits, such as enabling homeowners to have immediate access to backup power during emergencies and helping them save on their utility bills the rest of the time.

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What Are the Benefits of Home Battery Storage Systems?

Other than installing a solar power system, installing a solar battery backup system may be the best way to lower your energy costs and prevent your home from suffering an unexpected power loss. 

The benefits of installing a home battery include:

  • Lower electricity costs. Having a home battery can help you save on energy costs. We all have times when we need more power, like during summer when we run the A/C more frequently. With a home battery, instead of running up your electricity bill because you need to draw more power from the local grid, you can use your battery to supply the additional power you need. Another way you can save is if you have a solar power system. In some cases, there may be times when your solar power system generates more energy than you can use. When that happens, you can choose to store the excess energy in your home battery or, depending on where you live, you may be able to sell that excess power to the local grid in exchange for a credit/discount on your utility bill. You may even have enough excess power to both store some of the energy in your home battery and sell the rest back to the grid for a discount/credit on your bill.
  • Backup power in case of emergencies. Anyone who has dealt with a power outage during an electrical storm, rolling blackouts, brownouts, or any other type of power loss will understand how important it is to have a backup energy source. Home batteries enable homeowners to have peace of mind during emergencies where there is a widespread power outage, because they can still rely on their home’s battery to keep things running until the power outage is repaired. In addition, unlike those with generators, homeowners with home batteries will not have to worry about noise complaints from neighbors because they’re relying on a loud gas-powered engine to keep their power on.
  • Leave less of a carbon footprint. The less you rely on your local power grid, the more likely you are to be relying on environmentally friendly power sources, such as solar power and home batteries, to meet your energy needs. The more people do this, the less our society will have to depend on energy sources that are a danger to our environment.

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If you’re thinking about having a home battery installed, let us help. We have a deep understanding of home batteries, including the best types available and how to properly install and maintain them. We can help you pick out the home battery that best fits your needs and take care of the installation for you efficiently and effectively.

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